This Institute has been elemental in fortifying my understanding towards physics.. If it wasn’t for this Institute and sir I would have been driven to Pluto because of physics… But here for the first time in my life I realised physics could be also be taught in a very comical and entertaining way (exclusion:derivatives are killer).. If I am something in physics the sole reason is this Institute.. The two year journey in this institute had turned my concepts about physics from final destination or shutter island (in the sense of horror) to home alone (fun+thinking)

I assure u there is not an.other teacher in at least Trivandrum city as loving as our sir, Only sir who addresses us by words like ‘mone’ and ‘mole’ (trust me I did a survey). Anyone who feels I am lying are free to try and u have my fb id (itz not fake) One thing to say “our Gopakumar sir was is and will which I am sure be one of the most influential teacher I ever had.

#post_script this is not to flatter sir or something this is my experience (touch wood) and u may know our classes have ended and there is no point in flattering. …

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