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Admission 2021

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Please register online to ensure your admission. Applicant needs to upload a passport size photograph and the size should not exceed 5 MB. You can also upload it from your mobile device.


Tuition Timing

XI – Time Table
Batch – 01 / Thursday & Saturday / 05:15AM to 07:30AM
Batch – 02 / Thursday & Saturday / 04:45PM to 07:00PM

XII – Time Table
Batch – 01 / Tuesday & Friday / 05:15AM to 07:30AM
Batch – 02 / Tuesday & Friday / 04:45PM to 07:00PM
Batch – 03 / Monday & Wednesday / 04:45PM to 07:00PM

XI/XII Super 50 – Time Table
Monday to Saturday / 04:45PM to 07:45PM
Sunday / Full day class
Classes will be there on Second Saturdays also.

X’th Foundation – Time Table
Sunday & Second Saturdays / 06:30AM to 04:00PM

Repeaters’ – Time Table
Monday to Saturday / 07:30AM to 02:00PM

Crash – Time Table
07:30AM to 02:00PM

Fee Structure

Note: All fee including taxes.

Super 50 Batch XI/XII
Fee – Rs. 60000/- | Splitting – Rs.20000/- + Rs.20000/- + Rs.20000/-

XI – Tuition + Entrance (Physics)
Fee – Rs. 14000/- | Splitting – Rs.5000/- + Rs.9000/-

XII – Tuition + Entrance (Physics)
Fee – Rs. 14500/- | Splitting – Rs.5000/- + Rs.9500/-

X’th Foundation
Fee – Rs. 30000/- | Splitting – Rs.10000/- + Rs.10000/- + Rs.10000/-

Crash Programme
Fee – Rs. 15000/- | Splitting – Material- Rs.3000/- + Course- Rs.12000/-

Repeaters’ Programme
Fee – Rs. 62000/- | Single Payment

Frequently Asked!

How should I pay fee?

Fee can be remitted online. The payment link will be sent to you after admission.

When should I remit fee?

Before the commencement of classes.

Can I remit the fee monthly?


Can I remit the fee in installment?

Yes. Two installments. For XI and XII it is Rs.7000 + Rs.7000.

Can I remit the fee directly at the office?

Yes. Only on office working days. But you must SMS / WhatsApp details to 9447471482

Whether I will get refund if my ward is unable to continue for the course?

Definitly Yes. But there will be deductions according to the classes attended.

When will the classes begin?

Most probably at the end of May. Information will given well in advance.

What will be the mode of instruction?

English and Malayalam.

Can I change batches in between?

No. Select any one batch avoiding clash with other subjects.

How will you instruct if the present situation prevails for some more months?

Now we will give you online classes. When the situation are alright, we move to usual classes.

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